Everything in BALINCA™ Intro, and an extra year of simulation play with more advanced decision making.

BALINCA™ Pro is the original, classic business finance simulation that we created way back in 2002. We designed it, especially for all business professionals, no matter their expertise, managerial level, or background. No previous financial knowledge is required.

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Who should attend:

Non-finance managers, entrepreneurs

who want to learn finance in an intuitive practical way.


who wish to transform the way finance is taught.

Government officials

who wish to apply "businessman's" mentality.

We created BALINCA™ for business professionals, but it’s especially popular with:

  • Business leaders, entrepreneurs, and anyone thinking of starting a business
  • Companies with leadership and management development programmes
  • Business service companies - such as fintech and SAAS - which want their staff to use business finance understanding to grow their market
  • Banks that want to empower staff with business acumen
  • Government agencies that want to develop a private-sector mindset and improve business decision making within their organisation
  • University students who want a practical application of accounting and finance and an overview of business strategy.

BALINCA™ builds essential business fundamentals for every professional irrespective of their role & responsibility, and level of financial knowledge.

Empower your employees to be engaged in the business's success at a whole new level.

This one-day business simulation will help individuals understand and make connections between their role and the company's financial success.

Participants will form companies and learn how to calculate the BALance Sheet, INCome Statement, and CAsh Flow, as well as the financial KPIs that will help them understand the overall "health" of the company. Finance demystified!

Mode of training:
Virtual or In-person
One full day
Cohort Size:
20 people
  1. Practise how to manage a company
  2. Learn how to create a balance sheet, an income statement, and a cash flow statement
  3. Understand and use business indicators to assess the financial health of a business
  4. Understand and practice asset optimisation
  5. Understand and be able to conduct a profitability analysis
  6. Better understand how their own role can make an impact on their organisation’s profitability
  7. Gain the knowledge and skills to be able to discuss finance confidently, and contribute evidence-based business recommendations
  8. Analyse real-life company financials and generate ideas for improvements to their own organisation’s financial health.
In your daily job, you are not actively busy with the numbers and thus with the health of your organisation. You turn buttons without realising the impact on the result. BALINCA™ will broaden your view.
Kristof Verhulst
Kristof Verhulst
International Strategic Buyer

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BALINCA™ has something for every employee no matter where they are in the business finance journey.

Business acumen for beginners. An enjoyable, dynamic and practical way to learn how business finance works.


Everything in BALINCA™ Intro, and an extra year of simulation play with more advanced decision making.


A practical mini-MBA that focuses on finance and strategy, for experienced mid and senior-level professionals.


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