A practical mini-MBA that focuses on finance and strategy, for experienced mid and senior-level professionals.

Your senior people will learn how their financial decisions affect the profitability and sustainability of a business. It’s a two-day mini-MBA, giving participants a holistic view of a business in an engaging, fun, and experiential way. They’ll take part in a two-day competition, competing for market share and learning and practicing advanced business fundamentals on the way.

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Who should attend:

Middle managers and senior executives

Who are budget holders and want to see the bigger picture of any business.

BALINCA™ Plus is designed especially for mid to senior-level managers and leaders, but it’s also popular with:

  • Heads of departments and directorates within government and NGOs
  • Entrepreneurs
  • MBA students

BALINCA™ Plus helps middle managers and senior executives improve their strategic skills by utilizing financial data. This training is best for those in your organisation with investment and finance responsibilities.

This 2-day Finance & Strategy Simulation is our flagship business management programme, designed to build financial expertise and excellence. This sophisticated business simulation is a fast-paced, energizing, and engaging way to increase the business acumen of employees as they work through running their own company for 5 business years.

Participants will get hands-on training focused on understanding financial statements and accounting principles and will learn the KPIs necessary to assess the health of any business. This workshop is an intensive, stimulating, and transformational experience.

Mode of training:
Two full days
Cohort Size:
20 people
  1. Form and operate a dummy business, competing with other teams over five financial years
  2. Form and execute pricing, asset optimisation, and investment strategies
  3. Use key financial and profitability analysis tools
  4. Practise effective budgeting
  5. Learn and use key performance indicators to assess business health
  6. Learn to monitor financial health and how to adapt strategies
  7. Learn how to respond to competition and market change
In your daily job, you are not actively busy with the numbers and thus with the health of your organisation. You turn buttons without realising the impact on the result. BALINCA™ will broaden your view.
Kristof Verhulst
Kristof Verhulst
International Strategic Buyer

Choose your BALINCA™

BALINCA™ has something for every employee no matter where they are in the business finance journey.

Business acumen for beginners. An enjoyable, dynamic and practical way to learn how business finance works.


Everything in BALINCA™ Intro, and an extra year of simulation play with more advanced decision making.


A practical mini-MBA that focuses on finance and strategy, for experienced mid and senior-level professionals.


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