Business acumen for beginners. An enjoyable, dynamic and practical way to learn how business finance works.

BALINCA™ Intro is the perfect introduction to business financial literacy. It will help anyone gain foundational business finance skills to enhance their business or career.

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Who should attend:

From marketing to customer service

and everyone in between, this training is for employees with a limited background in finance.

We’ve designed BALINCA™ Intro to be accessible to everyone, but it’s especially popular with:

  • Microbusiness owners and first-time entrepreneurs
  • Schools and colleges with a business, entrepreneurship, or PSHE curriculum
  • Companies with mentoring and coaching programmes
  • Companies that have a whole-organisation approach to learning
  • Companies that want to upskill more junior employees to understand about how the business works
  • Charities that need to upskill volunteers in practical business finance

BALINCA™ Intro is an introduction to the world of business. During this half-day workshop, participants will begin to develop and build business acumen. This interactive training is aimed at the absolute beginner or those with limited formal financial training or responsibilities.

BALINCA™ Intro is an enjoyable, dynamic, and practical way to learn how business finance works.

Our approach and fear-free method of training provides a safe space for taking risks and making mistakes, encouraging learners to explore and experiment with business finance.

Mode of training:
Virtual or In-person
Half day
Cohort Size:
20 people
  1. How to read, understand and create accounting statements: the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement
  2. The basic indicators for testing business health
  3. How to tell if a business is being run efficiently
  4. How to tell if a business has the potential to grow
  5. How to tell if a business is really generating wealth for the owners

In your daily job, you are not actively busy with the numbers and thus with the health of your organisation. You turn buttons without realising the impact on the result. BALINCA™ will broaden your view.
Kristof Verhulst
Kristof Verhulst
International Strategic Buyer

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BALINCA™ has something for every employee no matter where they are in the business finance journey.

Business acumen for beginners. An enjoyable, dynamic and practical way to learn how business finance works.


Everything in BALINCA™ Intro, and an extra year of simulation play with more advanced decision making.


A practical mini-MBA that focuses on finance and strategy, for experienced mid and senior-level professionals.


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