Business finance training through gaming, simulation, experience

Building financial common sense for wiser and bolder business decisions.

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Helping employees make sense of the numbers behind your business

Understanding business finance is no longer a luxury, it’s a core skill

To thrive in an ever-changing and challenging economic climate, understanding business finance is no longer a luxury, it’s a core skill.

Bring numbers to life.

BALINCA™ helps employees understand the fundamentals of accounting, financial analysis, and business strategy through enjoyable, accessible experiential learning techniques.

BALINCA’s fear-free method of training provides a safe space for taking risks and making mistakes, and encourages learners to explore and experiment with business finance.

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For every business.

Employees in all sectors and industries will learn to build the practical business finance skills that they need to be more confident and excel in the workplace.

BALINCA™ gives your people a practical understanding of how business works and empowers them to make better business decisions.

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For everyone.

Whether you are a C-suite executive, middle manager, or junior employee, BALINCA™ offers expert business finance training for you.

BALINCA™ workshops are designed to help everyone make better business decisions.

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Connecting the dots in business

BALINCA’s simulation-based training teaches accounting, financial analysis, and business strategy

BALINCA’s simulation-based training teaches accounting, financial analysis, and business strategy—helping your employee make wiser, bolder, and more informed business decisions.

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The Savola Group
Bain & Company
General Electric
BALINCA™ Plus+ is a terrific tool for senior managers to see the business as a whole and see how their decisions affect the bottom line, and it was fun!
Ahmed Abu Safia
Ahmed Abu Safia
Head of Financial Academy
DP World

Choose your BALINCA™

BALINCA™ has something for every employee no matter where they are in the business finance journey.

Business acumen for beginners. An enjoyable, dynamic and practical way to learn how business finance works.


Everything in BALINCA™ Intro, and an extra year of simulation play with more advanced decision making.


A practical mini-MBA that focuses on finance and strategy, for experienced mid and senior-level professionals.


Not sure which BALINCA™ is right for your company?

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Mistakes are powerful learning tools. BALINCA™ gives you a safe place to make them without jeopardising your company's profits.

License your internal trainers to run BALINCA™ workshops in-house.

It’s the most cost effective way to skill up your people with robust business acumen.

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