BALINCA™ Institute

Supercharge your business

Creating a business-savvy, agile workforce. Building the capability of your training team. Improving decision-making at every level. BALINCA™ Institute gives your learning and development team the power to power up your people.

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Build your in-house capability with BALINCA™ Institute Licensing Program

We train, support, and license your own trainers and team leaders to facilitate BALINCA™ Intro and BALINCA™ workshops. BALINCA™ Institute licensing offers:

  • The most cost effective way to upskill large numbers of employees
  • Fully customisable content, contextualised to your own organisation and business goals
  • White label training: brand BALINCA™ and BALINCA™ Intro as your own in-house training
  • A choice of online or paper-based versions of BALINCA™ Intro and BALINCA™
  • Full support for your BALINCA™ licensees, including in-depth initial training; CPD, annual refreshers and course updates; and support from a global community of BALINCA™ trainers.

BALINCA™ Institute for Large Conglomerates

Large Conglomerates

Companies that teach their employees business fundamentals perform 200% better than companies that don't.

BALINCA™ Institute for Universities & Training Academies

Universities & Training Academies

BALINCA workshops are a great tool to help educational entities bring their students up to speed on business fundamentals.

Banks & Financial Institutions

Bankers need to understand how to assess the health of a business and can use that same knowledge to enhance the bank's own bottom-line.

BALINCA™ Institute for Banks & Financial Institutions


Civil servants are more budget-efficient and resource-savvy when they have a solid understanding of finance.

BALINCA™ Institute for Government